A private search engine for your photos and screenshots.
Click on links in real life.

Search for text across your entire photo library.
Take screenshots or photos of text you want to remember - Memos makes them searchable. Full-text search available from iOS search and in-app.

Quick actions from within your photos.
Tap to copy text inside your photos. Additional actions appear for email addresses, links, locations, and phone numbers.

Two taps to scan any photo, within any app.
Use the "Open in Memos" button inside the share sheet. Useful for photos inside messages and the browser.

Bookmark your most important photos.
Toggle the bookmark filter to keep important things handy. For example: driver license, insurance policies, train schedules, etc.

Fast and private, on-device processing.
Speedy processing on iOS 13, sped up by the fact that nothing leaves your device. Background processing is coming soon.

Privacy Policy
→ Memos does not transmit any images or associated metadata.
→ All processing is done on your device. View on App Store